Crusaders of Crypto

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Kill Monsters. Hoard Token. Earn Rewards.

Crusaders of Crypto is a roguelike passion project that fuses our love for retro gaming and crypto together!

Players will find themselves delving into randomly generated dungeons, fight their way to bosses, competing with friends, and earning rewards!

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How to Earn

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Buy CRUSADER to unlock NFT Drops! The more CRUSADER you hold, the higher the chance to find NFT!

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Use NFT in game for an advantage! Faster/Easier dungeon clears result in more NFT!

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Sell excess NFT on the marketplace to other players. Find something rare? Sell it to them for a premium!

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Sell excess NFT to the NFT Vendor (Our unique NFT Buyback system). The vendor offers low, fixed prices for NFT, giving players a guaranteed way to earn

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Over 1 Million USD has already been earned by players!

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How to Play


Open Our Game!

Open Our Game! Crusaders of Crytpo is a DAPP Browser based game! Simply click here!


Log in with your wallet, or Play as A guest!

Log in with your wallet (no gas necessary), or play as a guest! If you're looking to compete in the leaderboards or earn NFT, you must log in via your wallet, and be a CRUSADER holder!


Fight and Loot!

That's it! Delve our randomly generated dungeons to your hearts content! BNB Claiming can be done by Visiting your home dungeon! NFT drops will be delivered to your mailbox!


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  • Banner/Socials Marketing
  • Youtube/Content Creator Sponsorship
  • PVPD Seasons
  • PVP Betting
  • NFT Avatar Customization
  • Crusader Castles
  • New Content (Items, Bosses, etc.)
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  • Crusader Castle Guilds
  • Crusaderverse - Multiplayer Lounging Space
  • Twitch Game Listing
  • Season Pass
  • New Content (Items, Bosses, etc.)
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  • Crusader Castle Defense
  • Crusaderverse - Multiplayer Dungeons
  • Twitch Tournaments
  • New Content (Items, Bosses, etc.)

Want more detail on what's coming up next? Check out our indepth roadmap here!


Crusaders of Crypto features a variety of NFTs that can be found, bought, and sold on the marketplace!

These NFTs have ingame benefits such as being able to customize your own personal dungeon, or choose what equipment the player brings into battle! Owning NFT also increase the chance to earn NFT from playing the game!

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Want a Deeper look into the Crusaderverse? Checkout our docs!

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